Yamuna Forzani is currently living and working in The Netherlands. Instead of labelling herself an artist or designer she would primarily call herself a queer activist. She believes in the power of coexistence, collaboration, compassion and colour!
“Collaboration is so important to me as working with different people gives a whole other perspective. I feel that when people come together it creates something bigger than ourselves, something greater than one’s own ego. If you can find the right connections and balance there are boundless possibilities. Working alone can be consuming and draining and it’s easy to burn out. I have collaborated with a lot of graphic designers, photographers and artists and I find it to be so inspiring and enriching. I want to continue to build this community of like minded people.”
For her graduation she collaborated with a lot of amazing people, especially graphic designers to create the knitting patterns these graphic designers were GILLES DE BROCK, IEVA VALULE and JOERI WOUDSTRA
Yamuna Forzani is the winner of the 2016 Stroom Aanmoedigingsprijs for her graduation project at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK). The jury had high praise for her installation and fashion collection and wrote: “Her work immediately leaves an impression and her imagery grabs you by the throat. Her work challenges our notions about haute couture. Forzani speaks street language without turning into a cliche.” The collection consists in full knitted suits, knitted swings, hand tufted carpets, hand woven Chanel inspired suits and lots of socks!