Willem de Ridder was RODINI, the youngest magician of The Netherlands. With his brother he performed as LES FRÈRES CHEVALIER. For years he was the story-teller of daily installments of the adventures of WILLY BRIGHT. He performed with his Punch and Judy PUPPET THEATRE all over his home town ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Organised TREASURE HUNTS for the entire neighbourhood. Created entire cities in SAND SCULPTURE. Started an experimental theatre under City Hall. Performed with his first PAPER THEATRE and SHADOW THEATRE.He made his first RADIO PLAYS on one of the first tape recorders in the country (hand built by his father). Was a member of WIWI’s CABARET with Wim ter Linden. Performed all over the country with pantomime group THEATRE COLOMBINE. Took up painting and created his first VISUAL MUSIC with Hans Claessen. Introduced WET PAINTINGS to be instantly improved by critics. Was co-founder of the ORGANISATION FOR THE PROHIBITION OF ART MANIFESTATIONS.