On 9th May, the day after her keynote speech at re:publica, Nelly Ben Hayoun was interviewed about the University of the Underground by Philip Banse for dctpTV, a German based online TV development, the long-time partner of the event.

You can watch the whole interview here

Philip Banse is a journalist and podcaster from Berlin. He works mainly for Germany radio, dctp.tv, the Heise Verlag and is founder of the podcast network Kuechenstud.io, among others with the Podcasts Küchenradio and Medienradio. 

Dctp is the abbreviation for Development Company for Television Program mbH and is a platform established in 1987 for independent providers in German private TV channels. In May 2009, dctp launched the web TV format dctp.tv.  In 2010, dctp.tv was awarded the Golden LeadAward in the category Web TV. 

Visit dctp.tv website here