The University of the Underground invites you to apply for their first ever Research Bureau which offers a tuition-free research programme of 3 months in Amsterdam and Cairo. 

A PDF containing all details can be found here.


The ‘Turquoise Desert’ research group focuses on building connections between the University of the Underground HQ in Amsterdam and Cairo while bringing together multidisciplinary practitioners and early career researchers investigating convivial practices and gatherings involving water. Of interest to the ‘Turquoise Desert’ research group are domesticated environments such as kitchens, urban landmarks involving water such historical water fountains called Sabils and institutions working with water. Water and its political, economical, historical and sociological implications in the building of communities, countercultures and nations is one at the centernerve of this first Research Bureau.

We hope to support the development of experiential visions, audio broadcasts, magic or rational rituals making use of water, dance and music, to build convivial spaces to empower countercultures now and in the future.

Through the production of both multidimensional experiential projects, workshops, exhibitions, music, films, radio podcasts and written texts, we are aiming to act as a point of dialogue between stakeholders, politicians, academics, students and parents, and beyond proposing to portray the value of music, dance, food, social dreaming, experiences and theatre as critical research practices. 


** Please note the research programme is tuition free but participants are all invited to donate to the best of their ability a minimum amount of their choice to the registered charity of the University of the Underground. The University of The Underground is a charity that supports free, pluralistic and transnational teaching beyond borders. 


Deadline for all applications: 18th November 


All selected applicants will be informed by email on November 2oth

Skype interviews scheduled on 21st and 22nd November.

Final results will be communicated on Monday 25th November

The summer programme runs from 10th December 2019  to 31st of March, 2020 in Amsterdam and Cairo.


FOR ALL THE INFORMATION YOU WILL NEED ABOUT APPLYING AND WHAT IS REQUIRED TO EMAIL US, CLICK HERE- please read carefully prior to emailing us your application (we require a portfolio of no more than 2MB that illustrates your work to date; a CV; a letter of intent and 2 references )


Please send all applications to:


There will be a small number of travel scholarships available, to ensure that all those who want to join us are able to do so. Scholarships will be awarded on a case by case basis. Help us to identify your needs by completing the form you can find here!

We look forward to hearing from you!