In the second episode of 13 Steps Below hosted by Alexander Cromer and Heather Griffin, the students continue to explore topics of Artificial Intelligence with a special interest in what makes people fearful for a future influenced by this technology. Are there reasons to believe the dystopian hype? Interviews with Moritz Maehr, PHD student at the Swiss Institute of Technology in Zurich, as well as Dr.’s Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, and Andre Balentine, who lead the Experimental Architecture program at Newcastle University bring an expert lens to the conversation.

Made by the students of the MA Design of Experiences at the University of the Underground and the Sandberg Instituut: Malena Maria Arcucci, John Charles Bricker, Tom Burke, Alexander Cromer, Francisco Dorado, Ryan Eykholt, Heather Griffin, Juhee Hahm, Andrea de Kruijf, Anna Maria Merkel, Joseph Pleass, Ada Reinthal, Luke George Hardy Rideout, Evita Eva-Maria Bianca Rigert, Jack Waghorn.