I am an artist working predominantly with analogue photography and film. (Co)creating on the intersection of personal, political and poetic, I use my work as a vessel to comprehend the world and honour those that guide me through it. I see my practice as inherently collaborative as it would not exist without others. It is a place of hope and transcendence as well as healing through being in the process of relating and trusting. I reflect on lived experiences, both banal and extraordinary as well as intimately unique and widely universal. 

Portraiture, which exists at the heart of my practice, blurs the line between my personal and commissioned work. I’ve contributed to the international publications such as The FT Weekend Magazine, The New Yorker or Der Spiegel and I’ve collaborated with cultural and educational institutions such as Photoworks, Calvert Journal, Chanel 4, Eton College, TEDx and the National Portrait Gallery (UK) amongst others. Originally from Slovakia, I’ve lived and worked in London since 2011. I hold an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art and over the years my work has been acknowledged with numerous awards and nominations including the John Kobal Award 2015, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2017, Foam Paul Huf Award Nomination 2019 and Jerwood Arts New Artist Commission 2020.




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