Max Haarich 

“Ambassador H.E. Max Haarich (*1983) is a freelance consultant on arts/technology and ethical AI currently based in Munich. He studied Communication Science at RWTH Aachen and worked several years as a researcher and freelancer on the topic of creativity, innovative capability, and General Artificial Intelligence. As a Manager at Europe’s leading innovation center UnternehmTUM he experienced an inspiring but hardly reflected tech-enthusiasm. He decided to support Munich’s enthusiasm with visionary artistic perspectives and opened the embassy of Užupis in 2017. The Embassy of the Republic of Užupis builds bridges between the arts and the tech world to make innovations more inspired, accessible, and ethical. It is the only arts organisation actively engaging in international policy making on AI. The embassy employs the research humanoid ROBOY as the world’s first artificially intelligent diplomat. H.E. Max Haarich organizes talks, discussions and workshops, where layman and experts can exchange ideas and actively shape our future with technology.”