Is a Digital Artist and Communicator from Quito, Ecuador. Founder and Creative Director of La Chancha Azul, an educational/broadcasting cultural and digital platform. With La Chancha Azul, she created a Female Director’s Film Festival, shared thousands of cultural events, organized a multi-disciplinary artistic event, promoted local artists and has shared information about creative processes as well as museums and art from around the world. Co-Founder of the Communications Department of la Alianza para el Emprendimiento y la Innovación del Ecuador. She has 7 years of experience in digital arts as a videographer, a photographer, illustrator, and animator; and 4 years of experience in Communications. She also studied theatre from her early years in school to university. She is passionate about communications and the importance of arts in our society and loves to work in cultural studies investigations. Fun facts: she was a food-comedy vlogger, is fascinated by different languages, has a lot of information on pop-culture, admires Noam Chomsky, and is learning kung fu.