How can we imagine new narratives and project other possible futures for outer space using collaborative processes of performance and writing?

Space Spells is a process-project that aims to address outer/space endeavours and give voice to counter- futures. Acting as a feminist critique, a decolonial practice and a safe space to think from and to otherness.

As part of her research on international space law, Yris Apsit developed a collaborative writing and role-play workshop called Space Spells, hoping to offer alternative imaginings to future space endeavors and encouraging other voices to emerge in the landscape of outer space.

Critically addressing space use and exploration at the starting point of each workshop session, Space Spells was held in three languages (Spanish-english-french).

Participants, who ranged from experts in the field of space to students and performers, were invited to enter a space, to create and embody a character, and to collectively write stories.

In Apsit’s work, these holistic visions, esoteric beliefs, subjectivities developed by the participants are acting as space spells, legal fictions, possibilities for sympathetic magic and counter-futurisms.

Yris Apsit compiled the workshop participants/ creation into a website which can be consulted on spacespells.cargo.site.

Moving forward, Yris has submitted a workshop proposal at the International Astronautical Federation Congress 2021, in Dubai and to the Witch Institute from the Queen’s University in Katarokwi/Kingston, Canada. Her workshops will continue, live and offline with the idea to involve more people into this “space activism”, in a process of play and research as an educational tool to engage with possible other futures for outer space.