SABINE a.k.a Gabe Passareli Simões Vieira, non-binary, 25 years old, from Rio Bonito, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Graduated as an Occupational Therapist at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, she works with Mental Health trough processes of performance and art education. Between fields as health and art, the artist develops interdisciplinar pratice dialoguing with independente art spaces, galleries, health and educational institutions. From Night Clubs to Universtities their labor is possible trough Occupational Therapy methods of studing and approaching people to think and develop their autonomy and freedom.

Collaborated before with international groups as Chime for Change, Gucci, The FruitMarket Gallery. In Brazil, contributed with Despina, Tomie Ohtake Institution, Visual Art School of Parque Lage and a huge group of independent artists based at Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Subverting the concept of clinic, she is creating her own method of working with groups and people. Now, she is working remotely as occupational therapist consultant, instead COVID-19 pandemia.  Blog: