Remapping water and land outlines and timelines – learning from geology for alternative geographies and political borders

On the edge of the anthropocene and in a wider posthuman narrative, Out of sight stands as an attempt to rethink our relation to earth’s geography in regards to our mobility and critical abilities. Displacing and reshaping authoritarian nation state territorial components towards ecological concerns, Out of sight focuses on the black and white deserts of western Egypt.

The film essay merges geologic analysis with 3D modeled volcanic rocks in a speculative mode that aims to question the actual capacity we have to imagine alternative and coexisting narratives, through innovative mapping tools and sediment studies.

Sixty millions of years ago, a shallow sea was covering the current egyptian western desert. Through the story of a volcanic rock from this area, Out of sight is an attempt to reveal what is at stake in our conceptions of landscapes, and how our current actions will impact our future. What traces will be found in the new deserts millions of years from now ?

Juliette Le Monnyer has been designing her project in collaboration with expert Dr. Giovanni Bertotti, professor at the department Applied Geology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology.