Noël Loozen is a filmmaker and photographer, who in recent years has shifted his focus from photography to directing. This new path has led to great success; his first short film ‘The Hornhunter’ (2014) was featured on Nowness, whilst ‘Spoetnik’ (2015) premiered at the prestigious Berlinale festival and won several prices. His most recent films ‘Botanica’ and ‘Limburgia’ are both set to launch in 2017, and was chosen to compete at the Dutch Film Festival the same year. Driven by stories, Noël is fascinated by little worlds and the clumsiness of life. This manifest itself in his films by sharing the stories nobody are waiting for, or rather, the stories nobody knew they had to know about. Visually Noël tends to keep things simple whilst discretely adding subtle hints of irony to his images. Moving between the worlds of photography and film, his work is very much a reflection of this hybridity.