Based on current developments, the New Institute intends to use its activities to increase both the appreciation for the cultural and social significance of architecture, design and digital culture, and also to strengthen the interaction between these disciplines. In a period characterized by radical changes, Het Nieuwe Instituut wants to moderate, stimulate and facilitate the current conversation about architecture, design and digital culture through research and presentations. The broadening and deepening of public appreciation is a fundamental principle here.

The New Institute stands for the social and innovative value of culture. A visitor to Het Nieuwe Instituut enters ‘the museum of the future’. At Het Nieuwe Instituut people are provoked, pleasantly confused and confronted with questions that may not be from now, but certainly from tomorrow. In other words, the New Institute honors the name: what is on display is ‘new’ and is then picked up by national and international organizations. Like no other cultural institution, Het Nieuwe Instituut is capable of identifying, interpreting and questioning current and urgent issues in a flexible and innovative way, making itself relevant as a compass.

With the start of the second policy period, the focus of programming is on strengthening the signature of Het Nieuwe Instituut. New formats and products must contribute to this. Not in the least because of the way in which the building – beyond the exhibition and reading rooms – is shared with the outside world and, on the basis of an entrepreneurial model, must contribute both to new money flows and to the expansion and strengthening of the community of users of the institute.

An important underlying idea here is to position the institute – built up from different pillars – as a whole not as a classical museum, which is primarily focused on representation, but rather as an academy that through research, symposia, exhibitions (or even a curriculum) around their own, ecological garden) can act as a driver for new knowledge.