Welcome to Moon Arkestra, a series of podcasts created by students of the charity University of the Underground’s Moon Arkestra Whistleblowing Residency. This tuition free programme was led by Artist Head of Programme Dr. Aditi Jaganathan from April 2022 to June 2022, as an investigation into whistleblowing as a political action but also an instrument and language.

This podcast was created by mirrored fatality as a part of this practice-based residency. Students unraveled the relationships between nation-states, music, political action and displacement. Moon Arkestra was composed of unique multidisciplinary creatives and musicians. Who joined Moon Convoy and toured with Tour de Moon around England, during May and June of 2022. Moon Arkestra members put together a series of experiences, and creative interventions involving political theory and musical practice with this podcast being one of them.

In this podcast, mirrored fatality storytells their community altar, performances of UTOPIA, the Moon Arkestra Song, and REINCARNAGE. At Tour de Moon, mirrored fatality utilized radical imagination and truth seeking to cross-pollinate their DIT (Do-It-Together) framework “cocoon webs.” mirrored fatality’s “cocoon webs” combines care work, rituals, altars, holistic medicine, dance, performance art, music, spoken word, film, photography, painting, drawing, upcycled garments and fashion, anti-imperialist education, healing justice counter-spaces, and decolonial and trans queer of color collective ethos. mirrored fatality’s intention for “cocoon webs” is for QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to embody their rage and holistic healing to disrupt the isolation from existing in a white supremacist capitalistic apocalyptic world to fight towards QTBIPOC-centered liberation. At Tour De Moon, mirrored fatality’s “cocoon webs” whisteblow against white supremacy, transphobia, and fascist imperialism in the United Kingdom, United States of America, South Asia, and Philippines to mobilize an international warrior network responding to transnational calls-to-action for mutual aid, land sovereignty, and prison abolition.

mirrored fatality is an underground and interdependent Kapampangan and South Asian xenotrans experimental and healing noise punk duo. From May 11 to June 16, 2022, mirrored fatality completed a national United Kingdom tour with Tour de Moon’s Moon Arkestra: a collective of 9 multidisciplinary musicians aged 23-27 and performed “COCOON WEBS”, screened their short film, EARTHBODY(S)_BIOME(TRICS) featuring their Tour de Moon Moon Bounce single “BIOME(TRICS)” on Tour de Moon’s programmes: Moon Cinema and Moon Experiences in Bletchley, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Blackburn, Barrow-in-Furness, Newcastle, Plymouth, Southampton, Farnborough, Crawley, and London.