Welcome to Moon Arkestra, a series of podcasts created by students of the charity University of the Underground’s Moon Arkestra Whistleblowing Residency. This tuition free programme was led by Artist Head of Programme Dr. Aditi Jaganathan from April 2022 to June 2022, as an investigation into whistleblowing as a political action but also an instrument and language.

This podcast was created by Eeshar & Christopher as a part of this practice-based residency. Students unraveled the relationships between nation-states, music, political action and displacement. Moon Arkestra was composed of unique multidisciplinary creatives and musicians. Who joined Moon Convoy and toured with Tour de Moon around England, during May and June of 2022. Moon Arkestra members put together a series of experiences, and creative interventions involving political theory and musical practice with this podcast being one of them.

Christopher & Eeshar contemplate the deep meaning that music can convey. They relive some of their most pivotal moments while on the Moon Arkestra Convoy for Tour de Moon. Music in general is understood as an expression of the divine for both of them, and they recant the processes of crafting two songs while on the English roads. They discuss the structure of the pieces, the cyclical nature of life, and how silence is an important part of music making; both auditory silence and the internal silence that comes out of spiritual exploration.

Christopher Langley is a Jamaican songwriter and producer, releasing under the moniker ” WHOAMITOYOUX “. His work chronicles the gnawing pains and desires that creep up inside us, and the countless mind games we play with ourselves. With heavy handed servings of both a powerful rawness and tender intimacy, Christopher aims to leave no stone of the human condition unturned or unloved.

Eeshar is a Santoor player, musician and composer whose practice is centered around telling stories and crafting narratives. Recently, he established his own animation studio called @AdrakStudios and is currently in the last stages of sound design for his first in-house animation: Ru. He was a recipient of the Young Composers Award which enabled him to consolidate his training, acquire mentorship and build compositional tools. This will all culminate into a solo concert that he will be performing in later this year.