Everything is based on language. But what makes us human in consideration of our behavior when we expulse language?

The theory I created during my research is showing that the only thing what is real or contemporaneous is our DNA, our Mirror reflection and the place we are in this very moment. We construct our self-representation. Our Identity is artificial. Due to digitalization, this envisioned version of yourself is getting more important. Big companies use artificial intelligence to read and analyze this distorted data. But this data is elusive and incorrect. The AI knows more about you, because it tracks your behavior you might not admit yourself. The artificial intelligence is programmed in consideration of human errors and this shows us a mirror: The stupidity of the humans.

This means people who are already asleep in a society largely run on falsity interceptions and illusions will be taken a step further away from themselves or reality.

The worst case that could happen is that your DATA will be distorted and falls apart, so nothing is clear anymore. The AI could build an ALPHA-PROFILE or create a new history. And this affirms the theory of Nick Bostrom*, that everything is a SIMULATION.

The fatal human error is that we give this data out of free will without thinking about its value.

*Nick Bostrom, a Swedish philosopher, born in 1973


As a resume of my research I create a test, that should show you the value of your Data.
The fictive scenario (actually not so fictive anymore) is that the world is digitalized completely and the big companies are gathering all the data of the humans to use it for higher purposes. The institution that is hired for the execution plan of creating one big database is called THE BRAIN.

An artificial intelligence program starts to distort all the personal data, but you have the chance to collect the last analogue material of your identity on earth. All your Data is placed in a room and you have a very short time to collect your memory. This memory is not anymore in the right order or in the right context, so you have to be alerted to collect the right things, because this will be your new identity after all. This collection you purchase will show if your data is coherent with your personality and how many percent you already live in a simulation. The rest will be distorted completely and will be lost in the digital world. It could be used in the worst context you can imagine.