[M]Dudeck is an artist, witchdoctor and cultural engineer who invents their own queer religion as art. They have performed, exhibited, screened and published in over twenty-five countries and in over fifty independent commissions worldwide. Their work examines the nature of belief practises in the information age and their relations to mythology speculative fiction and magic. Their invented religion, called RELIGIONVIR.US – is a transmedial space opera whose episodes are performed, exhibited screened and published in a series of ongoing transmedial episodes. Tactics of dissemination have included: ritual performance, liturgical techno-sermons, the composition of sacred electronic psalms (sung in invented languages), the composition of scriptures, a fictional bible and the development of an online digital temple, www.templeofartifice.com.  They are currently a Practise-led PhD jointly supervised by Edinburgh College of Art and the School of Divinity at University of Edinburgh and live and work between Edinburgh/Glasgow Scotland and Rome Italy. Their work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, artistic publications, web-based multimedia articles and exhibitions, as well they are the Co/Director, alongside Martina Raponi, of The Ansible Institute, a nomadic research laboratory exploring science fiction as strategy in the information age.