6 December 2017: Deliveroo officials Philip Padberg and Mathieu de Lophem have to appear before the social affairs and employment commission of the DUtch parliament. They are confronted with critical questions about the way Deliveroo treats it’s employees, and the forcing of riders towards accepting freelance contracts. After the hearing Padberg and De Lophem attempt to make their way out of parliament. But they are met by a delegation of the trade unions and a large group of Deliveroo riders. Having survived the hearing, they find themselves once more confronted with the problems the are accused of creating. 

Le Voci Echeggiano Nell’era Digitale is an opera about the age in which the individual voice is increasingly put under pressure. It tells the story of a group of workers looking for certainties in a world that only seems to become more flexible. Amidst traditional trade unions, the modern day platform economy and hidden contract clauses they have to discover their own way to change the system and fight for their rights. It is the story of an economy that systematically removes the workers voice and the struggle of those workers to regain it.