How can Pirates and Ghosts be used as metaphors to investigate an augmented capitalism and breed new grassroot forms of digital agency and socio-spatial justice?

This research by Gaspar Cohen uses the mythologies of Pirates and Ghosts to interrogate the politics of an augmented capitalism — where violence and punishment are spectral, haunting cultural interfaces. Through a web-based game space, the player is invited to search within the liminal materialities of power and question its ability to both render and exploit physical spaces and virtual bodies.

Reality is not what remains after lifting the veil of myth because myth is a constituent element of the historically specific reality of modernity. This reality is revealed in the process of piercing the veil for just a fleeting moment. This reality is present in the act of its momentary redemption by an allegorical gaze.
—Stavrides, Stavros. Towards the City of Thresholds. Trento: Professional dreamers, 2010.