High School of the Underground OPEN DAY: SATURDAY 25. JANUARY, 4-7 P.M 
Introducing, High School of the Underground. A project based after school program for young creatives looking to learn, grow, and push the boundaries of their creativity while actively engaging in Amsterdam communities. HS of the U is a program developed and run by the University of the Underground, an award winning educational nonprofit based in the historic De Marktkantine which aims to maintain, support, and cultivate countercultures and communities that will reactive the public’s interaction with institutions. 
HS of the U borrows this mission to activate youth by providing a space where they can explore and push their creativity under the mentorship of professional and highly skilled artists/designers from around the world, based right here in Amsterdam. The projects of HS of the U are developed in collaboration with these artists, as well as institutions and professionals such as the City Archives and Chief Municipal Archeologist Jerzy Gawronski. Projects are eclectic in nature, and involve multiple practices such as music production, theater, dance, visual design, film, or storytelling. But no matter what, you will learn how to make work that challenges, critiques, and remains socially relevant. Giving you the tools to navigate increasingly tense social, political, and ecological environments.
Our first project, AFTERLIVES, begins on Wednesday 5th Feb 2020 for ages 12-14, and on Friday 7th Feb, 2020 for ages 15-18 at the University of the Underground studio underneath De Marktkantine. Please join us for an open day on 25th January, from 16.00 to 19.00 for fun activities, music jam sessions, and to learn more about the program and the teaching staff.
For more information, and to reserve your spot, please email hello@universityoftheunderground.org
More informations also in this link