Erik Vlemmix is a digital designer with a focus on emerging technologies. Researching the impact and implications of technologies on (future) society, he designs new modes of interaction between man and machine. Either in commercial or speculative settings. Currently head of the Technology Lab Department at the Academy for Media and User Experience in Breda, and Co-Founder of the multidisciplinairy collective Me You and The Robot. Henrique Nascimento and Erik Vlemmix, the collective investigates the role of technology as a possible enabler of a new working condition where future job creation enables new ways to define our existence outside of the typical work-orientated definitions of the self. On the crossroads of ethics, technology and design, they propose scenarios on how humans and algorithms can work together through new models of collaboration. Currently focusing on future nodes of human and machine education, by applying technology as a driving force to bring new models and systems of learning. They work with products, installations and videos to explore and create interactive choreographies between man and machine. The collective is based in The Netherlands.