Someday (maybe soon), our fantasy might burst – pop – fizzle. But the goofy loophole about time is you can stretch it. Do we have to choose between the particle or the universe, or can we savour the big bang from all angles? Splash in the crash instead of the aftermath. Revel in the romance of a fading craving, of a chance encounter. Embrace the disproof of the laws you live by. Everything’s impossible – until it’s not!

The students of the University of the Underground (or, your resident Dreamers of the Day) invited you and your bubbly dreams (fleeting as they may seem) to go wild. The night called for colliding energies, invited you to learn new modes of exchange, unexpected emergencies and spontaneous collaborations on the dance floor. It allowed you to enrich your Saturday with strangeness. With signature Underground cocktails and sexy music acts; stay for the sticky bubbly goodness.


Germaine Nichol-Hughes is a fixture of the international dance music scene and is known for her forays into techno, acid, disco, house & electro. In addition to her own sets, she hosts DJs from around the world on her radio show called Germaine’s World on Radio Salto as well as being a Red Light Radio regular.

Lizzy Green serves you bubbly for your bootay, gritty grooves for your titties, deep disco for your mojo, funky spunk for your trunk and bouncy house for your head.

VJ + DJ set full of funky sounds, funky colours and funky textures.

Music performance by the band Salesforce who will perform a 20-Minute set full of their signature corporate rock.