Following up naturally from last months part one of Talking to Listen to, comes the extra special part two, bringing the critically acclaimed two-part series to a spectacular close. Jack and Joseph are once again joined in the studio by John, who presents another series of 5-minute conversations between himself and the other students of the underground. This months episode also includes updates from the University of the Underground’s director, Dr. Nelly Ben Hayoun who pays a visit to the studio to introduce the Unconventional Research Office. Along with a visit from tutor Sjaron Minailo and an internet-supported-inter-national telephone conversation with Stephen Coates.

This month’s Talking to Listen to Guests:
Malena Maria Arcucci
Tom Burke
Ryan Eykholt
Ada Reinthal
John Charles Bricker

Closing off the episode we have an exclusive first play of Joseph Pleass’ Breakfast Man.

Made by the students of the MA Design of Experiences at the University of the Underground and the Sandberg Instituut: Malena Maria Arcucci, John Charles Bricker, Tom Burke, Alexander Cromer, Ryan Eykholt, Heather Griffin, Juhee Hahm, Anna Maria Merkel, Joseph Pleass, Ada Reinthal, Luke George Hardy Rideout, Evita Eva-Maria Bianca Rigert, Jack Waghorn.

Produced by: Jack Waghorn, John Charles Bricker

Hosts: Jack Waghorn, Joseph Pleass and John Charles Bricker