Thomas Ermacora is an award winning danish-Italian futurist, architect, technologist, author, educator, impact investor and humanitarian. 

He is the founder of the pioneering tactical urbanism non-profit Clear Village, East London’s premier independent cultural incubator, The Limewharf, and the UK’s leading impact Fablab, the Machines Room. Author of “Recoded City: Co-Creating Urban Futures” (Routledge 2016), he advises cities, Fortune500 corporations and governments as well as the World Economic Forum ‘Shaping the Future of Urban Development and Services’ and ‘Future of Construction’ initiatives, and is a brainstrust member of the PPS UNHabitat Placemaking Forum. 

As an expert on the circular economy and open source processes his emphasis is on how to harness the tools of the digital age, in particular the combination of AI, big data, machine learning and the blockchain to design alternative welfare solutions. Lately he has worked as the resident Futurist of the Xprize, as an AI expert for the G7, and has co-founded a last mile technology accelerator at the Vatican (Laudato Si Challenge) and set up a refugee action hub at MIT where he is a research fellow (MIT REACT). 

Beyond his organisations he acts as a business angel involved in over 20 impact ventures and sits on the board of Apparent Energy, RegenVillages, Citymart, WasteFuel, and Pioneer Works. Ermacora’s works have been featured in numerous publications including Wired, Monocle and Dezeen and he is a regular contributor to various journals while he has spoken at over 100 venues including TEDu, Citylab, Monocle24, Techonomy, the Danish and Moscow parliaments, Websummit, Singularity, Near Future and the UN General Assembly. @termacora