In this month’s episode of 13 Steps Below the students of the University of the Underground welcome Dr Mieke Kolk- a dramaturg, feminist activist, researcher and professor- to continue their opera-inspired discussion: What can we learn from the method of reenactment, in a psychological sense, and how do we overcome a collective trauma as a society?

Mieke takes them into an insightful journey through her experience working with performance and opera, prompting the students to explore new forms of storytelling: Ryan shares a walk in the park, Juhee and John create an audio version of their mini-opera dealing with how we talk about North Korea, Ada undergoes a time-travelling exercise between two 9/11s and an unexpected caller reaches out to Dr Pep Talk. And, on top of all this, dancer and performer Sophia Seiss, shares her experience re-performing “Imponderabilia”, a piece by Ulay and Marina Abramović

Listen to the sixth incredible episode to get an expert insight into the forms of opera and the student’s fresh take on what Mieke had to say.
This podcast is made by the students of the MA Design of Experiences at the University of the Underground and the Sandberg Instituut: Malena Maria Arcucci, John Charles Bricker, Tom Burke, Alexander Cromer, Francisco Dorado, Ryan Eykholt, Heather Griffin, Juhee Hahm, Anna Maria Merkel, Joseph Pleass, Ada Reinthal, Luke George Hardy Rideout, Evita Eva-Maria Bianca Rigert, Jack Waghorn!


Producer: Annamaria Merkel
Writer: Annamaria Merkel and Malena Araccuci,
Hosts: Heather Griffin
Featuring Guests: Mieke Kolk and Sophia Seiss
Work – Features: John Charles Bricker and Juhee Hahm
Work – Features: Annamaria Merkel
Work – Features: Sophia Seiss
Work – Features: Ryan Eykholt
Work – Features: Ada Reinthal and Tom Burke
Work – Features: Heather Griffin and Francisco Dorado
musical piece opening: Luke George Hardy Rideout
Pep Talk: John Charles Bricker, Jack Waghorn and Joseph Pleass
Sound Editors: Annamaria Merkel, Jack Waghorn
Mastering: Jack Waghorn
Editor Interviews Mieke Kolk: Annamaria Merkel