The soft and pale moonlight pressed herself against me, our hearts singing in tandem has our hips swayed to their song.  I could taste the serene warmth of her neck on my lips, I could feel the depths of my core stimulated by her gravity.

Her voice washed over me,  gently kissing my ears; like the soft ripples of ocean crashing on a shore. I became enthralled by it,  enveloped by its sultry melody.  It became an anchor,  a tether to keep me from getting lost in the depths of her eyes.

hands tracing the curves of her back,
and on the inside she was burning,
a fire that i could taste, like honey,
let it saunter onto my tongue.
she left under the veil of midnight winter,
the memory of her warmth still on my skin.

Midnight in london;
The rose colored sky, 
The cat stalking in high grass, 
The warm steam cascading from a vent, 
The hymm of a train disappearing into the cold distance. 
The rain.

“I’m new here,” she said to me as she quietly ate her bagel. Her white teeth ripping away shreds of its flesh. Her lips bright read like the color of cupid’s blood. her brown skin wrapped tightly around her muscular clay. her hazel eyes were lynching

The sun woke me up today. 
She straddled me, squeezing my hips with her radiant thighs.
She was so close that I could feel the warm light of her breath on my lips. 
“Good morning,” she said.

then we could be set free to explore the beautiful depths
of the cosmos, dipping our toes into the soft silken
infinite coldness.
we could touch its emptiness, drape ourselves in it, and
dance our way past death as we listen to the forever hum
of the heavens.
we could be moths; our delicate wings dusted by the delicious
memories of the old days, each grain etched with the beauty of
our nostalgia.
we could become one, like we’ve always wanted. our skin pressed
together, not even an atom in-between. our hearts, beating like tribal
drums, entwined to the point of non-distinction. 
your breath dancing on my tongue.
and in the darkness, our lips finding each other.
and in the darkness, our lips finding each other.