If The Swedish Armed Forces’ mission is to “defend Sweden and Swedish interests, our freedom and our right to live the way we choose”, how are they outlining and preparing for the greatest threat of our time — namely, the climate crisis?


The Real Enemy is a visual meditation on the ways in which the Swedish Armed Forces act in front of the climate crisis. Tuva Björk’s interest lies especially on a paradox of getting prepared for a national security problem while being part of the systems which cause it in the first place; how the military plans to step in after a climate collapse — at which point the military itself as an capable institution could be at risk of collapsing — rather than dealing with the root cause of the issue.

The project’s aim is to consider this cause-effect way of acting in a situation where the effect is part of the cause. By doing this Björk wishes to find ways of making visible the invisible enemy that is living among us — our very own incapability to change our behaviour in front of a crisis, which is killing and will kill billions of humans.

What is the role of national defence in a global process of the current fossil civilisation destroying itself? How is the military visualising the image of that threat?