Juhee Hahm

Juhee Hahm is a designer who find a pattern from chaos and map the pattern. She has a background in Spatial design, communication design, art direction in short, featured, and commercial, and art film industry. She works based on the concept “space”, which means “between Emptiness” in Korean. This concept brought her “Design of Experience”. She thinks the space means happening, experience in person, in communal atmosphere, and the communication by between emptiness. In the centre of experience in the space, there is humans who are going through the emotion by feeling the emotion.

Through working in the film industry, she explored the relation between the story and the space. In Design Academy Eindhoven, she developed and expanded the meaning of space from physical space to internet space and technology in between. After Design Academy, she worked in the spatial strategic design studio, studio Makkink & Bey, by mapping and researching the future spatial strategy in diverse location in the world. And currently in MA programme, Design of Experience in Sanber, in Amsterdam, she is trying to find her own way to change the world, with her strength of mapping and storytelling skills.

Written by Juhee Hahm