Evita Rigert, born in Switzerland in 1987, finished her fashion design Bachelor in 2017 at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern. During her studies, she interned at Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann in Antwerp and Paris.

Her graduation collection ”The inEVITAble Trash of Luxury” shows a modern version of Plato’s Cave Allegory and reflects the impact of the fashion system and the luxury trash society.
IMAGINE: We are still sitting in the cave that Plato described 2,500 years ago in his allegory of the cave. Every day, we see the spectacle of the stultification of our system.
The InEVITAble Trash of Luxury addresses our luxury throw-away society in a humorous way. The irony of the vaingloriousness of our luxury society is reflected in the overstatement of the collection. The shoes and accessories are made of plastic, a symbol for the present age of our consumer society. We have arrived in a new era, and this can be very absurd, disturbing and uncertain; but let’s face it! Pick up the trash of our luxury society and make fashion great again!

Evita Rigert is an observer on her way to create a huge group of 365 people revolutionizing the creative business. This group will team up with people from all professions: fashion, art, music, production, film, geology, scenography, press, law, medicine, chemistry, physics, economy, banking and finance, informatics, production, sociology, politics and many more. A group that is not against the system, but uses the platform of the institution as a playground to change the industry with humor. We have come to a new era of stultification and this is the chance for a clever and organized attack from the underground.


Written by Evita Rigert