Ada Reinthal

Ada Reinthal is a filmmaker who explores what aspects make up ‘identity’ to different people with a focus on gender, geopolitical affiliation & cultural platforms. She has an Advanced Diploma in Screen and Media from Sydney Film School, where she specialized in Production Design.

Prior to film school she worked as an AV technician and has since worked in film and TV productions large and small.

Other interests are decentralized fabrication, post-industrial societal/economic structures, utilization of production design in documentary filmmaking and live events.

The Design of Experiences to her is a way of getting inside existing power structures and asking the difficult questions. By bringing a multifaceted outsider point of view to professionals in various field she feels she can add value to their work while at the same time making sure inherent biases they might not have considered or been aware of are addressed.

Edited by Ada Reinthal