Sitting is not a problem

by Malena Arcucci

“You need to keep on repeating things over and over again in order for the truth to sink in”

George W. Bush


Video surveillance changed radically after 1989. New technologies developed during the Cold War and the digitalization allowed for massive amounts of footage to be recorded. Gathering from physical theatre techniques, and working with members of the police force, this project aims at understanding how images are analyzed from both a subjective and objective perspective.

What is of importance? What makes an image worth analyzing and archiving?



Police officers Andrew X and Ryan X provides the structure while performer Nathalie Czarnecki and Chris From facilitate the tools to explore repetition to explore how narratives can be constructed and manipulated. I collected extensive footage imitating surveillance footage and explored the possibility of finding importance in seemingly mundane human gestures and poses from different times and places, positioning them side by side with the interpretation of Police officers to allow new relationships to emerge, and explore how meaning emerges.

In collaboration with

Nathalie Czarnecki and member of the British Transport Police and Hackney Police