How can the creation of cartoon worlds be utilized in order to develop a new formula for a variety show that celebrates local communities, and connects them with kindred spirits across the globe?

Peek TV is a show created and hosted by John Charles Bricker playing a heightened (somewhat fictionalised) version of himself. As host of Peek TV, John’s aim is to come across as well-meaning, willing to be silly, imperfect, and often a bit confused. Guests and contributors on Peek TV are pulled out of their comfort zone, in a way that may be felt by the audience as strange, awkward, funny, or uncomfortable, but does not feel threatening, mean-spirited, or dangerous.

Contributions and interactions with communities take on a wide variety of forms which vary on a case-by-case basis. Indeed engagement happens over the internet, in person, on the phone, via snail-mail, etc…  Contributions may be considered “finished” or “ready to use” upon submission, or alternatively may be edited, tinkered with, and mashed up if and when permissible/desired by the contributor. Basically, as much or as little as people want to be involved with Peek TV is up to them. Their contributions are always ‘in their hands’ and Peek TV wants to ‘show off whatever is in those hands’.

Portability, small-budget, and cartoon magic are key in thinking through how Peek TV is designed. Indeed, its set is durable, flexible, cheap, but also exists somewhere between crude/banal and magical ‘cartoon kitsch’.

Most footage is captured on either handicam or smartphone camera. Other methods used include QuickTime screen capture, free online video conversion and download sites, frame animation, motion-tween animation, etc…

The set of Peek TV is created out of construction tarp found in a dumpster, junk-shop stuffed toys, second-hand tents/clothing/bags/textiles, and some paint.