Today, Thursday 9th July 2020, Magid Magid and the University of the Underground have joined forces to open a new online programme titled ‘New Politics & Afrofuturism’. The programme is calling for Black Radical imagination and pop-culture as powerful vehicles for propelling progressive social justice narratives to mainstream audiences, with a focus on afrofuturism, black activism, experiential along with political theory and practice. 

Together we will explore: How can we radically reframe our institutions, our political, economical and sociological frameworks? Revolutions come and go but what new afresh systems can be formulated, created and enacted as a result of it?

This new programme will be led by Magid Magid along with a team of international tutors who are some of the best teachers, unconventional thinkers, dreamers of the day and nightlife makers in the world today. They will be teaching and guiding students to develop strategies and inquisitions for new politics and how to practically apply them.


Times could not be more pressing. With so much social and political discourse – we need radical system change. And at the heart of that change needs to be education. In analysing the vast landscapes and intersections between science, culture and history we will make sure the realities of imperialism/colonialism, black liberation and indigeneous studies are at the forefront. By learning and carrying out radical real life campaigns, this programme will arm students with the abilities to be agents for change. With this vision, they will foresee innovative approaches and aesthetics that have the potential to trigger change long term in our societies and build new futures.


The programme is international and free, we welcome applicants from across the world. We welcome independent learners, artists, recent graduates and other young creative minds who are able to handle research whilst still being able to create and produce. Students need to have a strong creative direction, independent working attitude, self-motivation, self-determination to learn, lots of ideas with a very open mind, the ability to learn from their peers and a willingness to venture into new territories. They need to have a proven track record of being involved with organising communities but also practice-based research. This is a creative programme so we welcome students who will have a creative approach to working and can create out of their comfort zone. 

Please note, this programme is from October 2020- March 2021 and due to recent global events will be all based online and not in our Amsterdam base. It is composed of theory and practice classes, mentoring and designing a campaign/project. However it is mainly independently led. 

** Please note that a deposit of 150 euros will be required at the start of the programme to guarantee participation of the candidate. It will be reimbursed at the end of the programme when the student has successfully attended classes and completed the course. 

Whilst it is understood that you might be involved in other activities over the course of the programme (October- March), we expect that you will make the best use of the spaces and network provided. Please make sure that you can afford to take time off for the programme prior to applying.    

It is important to also state that the University of the Underground specialize in practice and experiences. You will receive an introductory course to the methods and criterias at the start of the programme. While we do not ask for you to reframe your existing practice, we will challenge you to rethink it in terms of research methods, communities and experiential practices. 


  • STUDENTS (20+) : Please register your interest in participating in this programme by email at Also please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

We ask that you send us:

  1. *A covering letter (containing a little bit about yourself, the details of your engagement with communities and experiential practices and politics). 
  2. *Share your CV or similar to tell us a bit  more about what your activities have been to date.
  3. *Share your online portfolio by PDF or web link (max size 2MB). 
  4. NOTE: Please do Label your files with your name.  Our email address is


  • Programme announced and open call announced Thursday 9th July 2020
  • Deadline for Applications: Friday 11th September 2020
  • Interviewees Selected by Panel: 16th September 2020   
  • Skype Interviews: Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd September 2020
  • Final Decisions: Wednesday 23rd September 2020
  • Final Results Communicated: Thursday 24th September 2020
  • Programme  Begins: 19th October 2020
  • Christmas Break: 18th December – 11th January 2021
  • Final Show: 1st March 2021 – 3rd March 2021
  • End of Programme: 4th March 2021

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