Maria was a rebel from the early years and is a well-known activist in Iceland. She has held numerous protests throughout the years and is a founder of the Icelandic “Slutwalk”. The walk is Reykjavik’s biggest events during the summer and has, over the years become a movement of protest marches throughout the world. The main goal of the walk is simply ending rape culture and the need in society to excuse rape by referring to any aspect of a woman’s appearance.

Maria has also been linked to various feminist-movements throughout the years. And has sat at the board on the Icelandic feminist organization.

 Maria has also become a household name for her political/feminist-writing. She started out writing a provocative feminist blog for a small activist media but in a few years, she became one of the frontline figures in Icelandic investigative journalism, writing mainly about the dark pockets of Iceland’s underworld. Her piece on local Champagne-clubs led to a police investigation, then outing human-trafficking circle and fraud at a huge scale. The places have now been shut down by the government.

After this Maria started working as a TV-presenter at Icelands biggest local news- and entertainment station, Channel two. Whilst working there she founded a women union for her co-workers mainly to fight the wage-gap at the station. The project expanded and soon the company felt forced to take some actions. But she was also let go for “disturbing inner piece”.

At these years Maria also had a weekly radio show in one of Iceland’s bigger broadcasting radio stations. The show was educational, reflecting on women history (herstory) in music.

She also founded and edited a cultural magazine and a web page, focusing on local music and art-scene for an old local media company.
Maria was then hired to be a campaign- and PR manager for the Socialist democratic group at municipal elections 2014 which led to one of the biggest left-social victories in the city Reykjavik, ever. With social-chairman Dagur B. Eggertsson becoming Mayor.

 Maria then took on freelancing as a journalist. She is writing her second book due this spring. The previous one being a bestseller in Iceland called “Love stories from Icelandic women.” She moved to London last year, with her fiancé, Orri Pall Dyrason, drummer of Icelandic band Sigur Ros. They live in Hackney along with their four children.