In this episode, Jack and Joseph are joined by their fellow student, John, who presents a series of 5-minute conversations between himself and the other students of the underground. It’s kinda like talk radio. Spring has sprung, so it was time to open the door and get up out of the basement for a spell. These conversations took place in each respective students’ current place of residence, and focus on each student’s frame of mind as they approach their final show in June. Also included is a phone call between Jack and himself in which he is grilled on his thesis (special thanks to Malena).

This month’s Talking to Listen to Guests:
Joseph Pleass
Juhee Hahm
Alexander Cromer
Anna Maira Merkel
Luke George Hardy Rideout
Jack Waghorn

Tune in next month for the remaining half of the University of the Underground Students!

Made by the students of the MA Design of Experiences at the University of the Underground and the Sandberg Instituut: Malena Maria Arcucci, John Charles Bricker, Tom Burke, Alexander Cromer, Ryan Eykholt, Heather Griffin, Juhee Hahm, Anna Maria Merkel, Joseph Pleass, Ada Reinthal, Luke George Hardy Rideout, Evita Eva-Maria Bianca Rigert, Jack Waghorn.

Produced by: Jack Waghorn, John Charles Bricker 
Hosts: Jack Waghorn and Joseph Pleass